Any help would be appreciated. When I pair the controller, all 4 lights on the controller flash slowly. I used to play CS GO on my macbook pro with a wired controller no problem. I myself do not use the controller on my Mac all that often, and I use a wired controller XBox One , so I had not noticed the issue. Dec 24, – Enjoy a visual way to adjust and save settings for your Afterglow Prismatic Controller. What Mac OS X version are you running?

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Wireless Xbox Controllers Always check your controller with the preference pane found at: You can try this driver as an alternative I just updated the article to reflect that.

I assume that not all games support multiple controllers, but JoyStick Mapper seems to have the ability to map a second Joystick controller to certain keystrokes. Hi I am using an official wireless controller. I downloaded the driver, to complete installation I restarted my mac.

In the end it is unfortunate that games do not always use hardware in the same way.


I just received the 3rd party wireless receiver. I downloaded the file but I can’t get my controller to be recognized. I tried my receiver and and the controller on my Windows BootCampit worked fine and it was easy to setup. Everything works fine, I can control de steam menu Big Picture mode. Just trying to see if I can do this without an adapter.

And unfortunately, the left stick on my new controller is slightly misaligned, pulls right constantly. Feb 16, – If need be define the rest. I would advise people to look elsewhere for controller drivers, that being said I highly doubt my comments will be posted on this site.

XBox HID Driver free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Paul is already working??? Feb 10, – 5: Apr 29, – 4: Downloads Page Find these and more Downloads on the Downloads Page, where you will also find articles references, operating system requirements and categories. Tried everything, remapped buttons, no joy.

Honestly not a clue. Access cloud-saved profiles for future use. You can download pre-compiled releases from this link at Github.


When I plug in my controller the lights flash for a sec and then stop. Jul 2, – I have restarted my mac and after 15 minutes, it is still loading. Most have shady reviews on Amazon, even the originals.

XBox HID Driver

Showing out xbxo 40 reviews. Jul 1, – 6: Aug 2, – 4: If none of these work; consider removing and reinstalling CSGO, just so all settings and changes are back to default.

Unfortunately there seems no way I can post any pics here. Hi Andy, Of course your comment will be posted …!

If so; which one? I have all the right things downloaded as far as I can tell and the controller lights up when plugged in. Did you controller connect to the dongle?