Yes I am aware of that. Just to my PC boxes. Under 10ms is not necessary but definitely falls under ‘nice-to-have’ which I would take if it doesn’t cost too much. I want some spare for inputs and monitoring. Their ASIO did not work. Originally Posted by Zelos Inputs: Without giving a clearer idea of what you actually want to do with the interface your workflow, what you will be recording, etc.

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We do not have any dangerous JavaScript running here. Lots of rendering effects things for DirectX, probably obsolete now. Thanks for your technically detailed post.

No delay at all. I want some spare for inputs and monitoring.


Just to my PC boxes. I hope there’s a solution for this. JavaScript is not available, maybe because you disabled it globally into your browser settings or you are using an addon like Asio4alk. So many music tools and sample packages are offered free now compared to a few years ago.

Originally Posted by Zelos Outputs: You do need to configure CoolSoft to match the sample frequency asi4all bit depth of the audio interface setting if defaults do not work. Piano, orchestra, rock, metal should all be possible, but I’m certainly not trying to write blockbuster quality stuff. This is because Asio4all is more a interface “wrapper” than an optimized driver – it fools the system into thinking there is an actual asio driver for your card there but it works.


Thank you very much for your work. I wonder if it would even do anything.

Happy Holidays!

It may be some audio interfaces accept a range of sample formats, often both Grumpy CakeMar 14, Originally Posted by TheWhistler. I had not even noticed this setting when first using CoolSoft. Send a private message to donchilcott. Send a private message to joelsampson.

ASIO4ALL and VirtualMidiSynth — questions | CoolSoft

Greyed-out boxes are the worst design in the world, not least because they never tell you why they’re greyed on mouseover. So I guess I want it to have Midi, asil4all I can plug the keyboard in directly, yes. They had a DirectX system before which apparently was insufficient.

The audio interfacing has a lot of subtleties, as mention was made of background programs tying up the audio channels etc. I presume this is a limitation of asio4all as a driver, not dealing with midi at all.

I recommend to test different settings here, playback and adjust again to find the optimal settings for your setup. Anyone know of any apps lurking around the net that might be able to deal with this?


An outboard mixer wouldn’t solve the problem of the use of channels Deep in the pocket Focusrite, M-Audio, Asio4wll, just to name a few.

windows – Reducing latency on MIDI-over-USB Keyboard – Sound Design Stack Exchange

Originally Posted by C-H. Including in the OS creates standards for all peripherals. Sign xsio4all or log in Sign up using Google. My computer is shit, therefore, I get latency.