We also changed a couple of key features. Complete the process and Backup Exec services will be restarted. Your registration case number is: On the other hand you could install the Agent for Windows on the individual VM’s and treat them as physical systems. Physical servers were backed up by Tivoli every 4 hours. Support Knowledge Base

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Please note that this document is a translation from English, and may have been machine-translated. We do have issues with Exchange backups but it is the same issues we were having on vSphere 4.

Answer to first question: If you don’t e-mail yourself vgf errors and have to log in manually its not that hard to to look and find issues to address. Clear the Hide protected operating system files Recommended check box. Get Support Create Case. Be does not automatically recognize the drive swap.

Your registration case number is: As we are “simple backup folk,” I think you should talk ezec the security group for this one. This will uninstall the licenses and place Backup Exec into trial mode. Let me know if I need to be clearer with my example. I realize that there are several potential reasons for failed jobs, but unhelpful error logs are a complaint among everyone I’ve ever known who uses Backup Exec.


But, by staying close to customers on Connect, Reddit, social, etc. In my opinion the delivery model doesn’t define the “real” players. The old paradigm for AV fff changed. I know I’m ranting, but every time I use BackupExec for our small business customers, it feels like this kind of hard work and tripping me up with nonsense unhelpful error codes.

V-Ray Edition is licensed per socket and includes unlimited use of the following components: Today most “appliances” aren’t really backup, they are target dedupe devices. Backup Exec was a great product which you turned into an industry leading product into useless junk in a single revision bac,up. You can vrf the “infinately append” option in the media retention settings of your media set.


We sort out the admin, I go to remove the wrong license and install the right one but even though there is a remove button on the license screen It created an administrative nightmare. We are working on fixing that. We have created vvf case for our Customer Care team to get you registered. I do like the dashboard, especially being able to quickly see my storage status.


Symantec Backup Exec Product Management team & Engineering Virtualization specialists – AMaA : IAmA

Im going with Microsoft DPM next time around. I think the servercentric approach would be hard to scale larger or more servers. We are making enhancements based on customer feedback. Is it lack of manpower? Visit Our Social Dashboard. You may also refer to the English Version of this knowledge base abckup for up-to-date information.

Kind of cool to see the PM team do this kind of thing. We lived through our first AMA and came out better people for it. I hope that helps. There’s actually a twitter handle specifically for careers: Keep an eye out for more of these events.