On Unix , you configure DSN entries directly in the odbc. The default database for all statements will be the test database. Download the installation file. Using the Solution Explorer add a reference to MySql. File DSNs can be shared between users and machines and are therefore more practical when installing or deploying DSN information as part of an application across many machines. There is also another Zip file available for download called mysql-connector-net- version -src.

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Once the installation has been completed, click Finish to exit the installer. Note that the set of column flags depends on its data type. I have these vars in the class declaration: At this point it is recommended that you save your solution, and build the solution to ensure that there are no errors.

Other features include refactored transaction scope: For that a Data Adapter is required. A User DSN is specific to an individual user, and can be used to store database connectivity information that the user regularly uses.

You can send this to ftp: The GetSchema method of the connection object can be used to retrieve schema information about the database currently connected to.

Copy the library files to a suitable directory. To remove a foreign key, select it in the list box on the left, and click the Delete button. The issue was related to incorrect parsing of numeric values within the DSN when the option was not configured as the last parameter within the DSN.


Verify that the tables you are updating use a transaction database engine.

MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51

The data in the Data Set can now be manipulated by the application as required. The following example illustrates a simple update to the Country table:. After you have imported the certificate to the Personal Store, you d use a more succint connection string to connect to the database, as illustrated by the following code:. Then repeat the action with the country table.

Post as a guest Name. Note that if you are trying to use the make from Sun, you may end up with errors.

These will be checked against membership information stored in the MySQL database. Make sure you are using the standard version of the driver, and not the debug version.

Sometimes an attempt to perform an Open on a connection object can fail, this will generate an exception that can be handled using standard exception handling code.

The property Server in the Properties window is read only.

Visual C++ ODBC application cannot connect to MySQL database – Stack Overflow

The detailed information about the index is displayed in the panel on the right hand side. Native drivers are also easier to build and deploy, as you do not need a copy of the MySQL client libraries to build odbx native driver components. In the User field, enter the user name to use for this connection. Access Returns Another user had modified the record that you have 33.51 while editing records on a Linked Table.


This option is available only for source trees that have been obtained from the Subversion repository.

Once you have all the required files, unpack the source files to a separate directory, you then have to run configure and build the library using make. You will use the wizard to generate the Entity Data Model from the world example database.

In this tutorial ocbc will learn how to use the MySqlScript class. The web site will now need to provide a form to allow the user to enter their login details. The following section details some common errors and their suggested fix or alternative solution. To obtain information about support for a specific function in the driver, an application can call SQLGetFunctions.

Use the Properties window to set the table properties. Once kysql MySqlCommand object has been created, you will call one of the above methods on it to carry out a database operation, such as perform a query.