Aug 21, 7. The GBX amplifier had a pre-amplifier head that controlled the gain, brilliance, depth, contour and response of the output. It’s an old review but I am hoping his email is still active. I was wanting to sell it and get something more mobil. These were slightly taller to accommodate the reverb tank.

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Retrieved from ” https: I would take photos, but the camera is not here.

The great thing about this set-up was that the little preamp had as many as six outputs the standard one had fourso that you could hook up as many as tbx watt cabinets at once – watts!! Please send your accoladesfeedback and resource suggestions to David Spencer.

Possibly a bad input for the cab as it doesn’t do anything when honked up as an external speaker to my crate amp. Bbx had two equal impedance inputs and produced 30 watts to power an external speaker cabinet.

Hey y’all, I’ve found an unusual, to me at least amp for sale. The equipment that takes over when other amps quit.

Anyone know anything about GBX amps?

Bass series were known as the ‘Bass Bug’ with a single 15 inch speaker. But anyway, using Google that was the only info I could find. GBX also produced drivers for guitar that in addition to all the usual gain and tone controls had reverb.


GBX were popular here in southern Ontario, largely because they weren’t Traynor – by the early 70’s, Traynor had pretty much saturated the market here. It had two equal impedance inputs and produced 70 watts, enabling it to power external speaker cabinets.

Lots on the 4x Guy Beresford got involved in Stupid question – but did you plug a cable from one of the head Aka the “driver” outputs 1,2,3, or 4 into the cabinet where it reads “input from driver”?

The secret behind the GBX sound was a coupling transformer separating the front end from the output transistors. This page has been accessed 8, times. Thank you for visiting.

GBX amps made in Canada | Squier-Talk Forum

Retrieved from ” http: Kenneth Mountain likes this. But you could also daisy chain cabinets together to exceed the 4 cabinets and still controlled by a single preamp.

These speakers were best known for their use in Marshall 4 X 12 watt cabinets. May 17, GBX also built 4×10″ and 4×12″ cabinets for guitars with the rear-mounted power amplifiers. The cab is a 2×12 and the whole thing is solid state.


Home Search Forums Recent Posts. DearinsmJan 13, Kenneth MountainApr 27, The Celestion logo on the front of the grill meant that this amp featured one 25 watt Celestion G12M speaker, also known as a “green back”, one of the most highly sought after guitar speakers from the late 60’s early 70’s.

I returned it the next day. It had four outputs on the back which fed the secondary, power amplifiers. I’m not sure if it’s solid state or tube type.

Just “GBX by Ahed”. The GBX Driver was a preamp basd head that had an effect input, a normal input, a gain control, 3 tone controls labelled brilliance, depth and presence, and a 5 position response dial with dramatic contrasts between the A, B, C, D and E pre-set tone positions.

He can maybe find the amp in the catalog.