Jul 23, at As far as I am concerned, if we had a cool wall for hi-fi, this would be in a cryo tank. Netherlands New Transtec Tel. You own this Total 0. The volume control is linear, well implemented and a cinch to use. The McIntosh has genuinely deep and detailed bass that underpins everything extremely convincingly.

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Dec 20, at 2: A power supply with C-core transformer feeds buffer and smoothing capacitors from Rubycon.

The second way is to use DSP to adjust the volume level in the digital domain without actually losing any information. It can be agile when required.

Volume control takes place in the analogue domain within a special chip driven by impulses from the front panel rotary knob. The system clock is positioned next to the ESS Sabre converter. The way that the system balanced accuracy and engagement was seriously impressive. The appeal of the McIntosh lies in the long term listening satisfaction it generates but if you want mxintosh hifi to deliver the music in short doses of shock and awe it might not be your thing although surely you want a system you can listen to indefinitely?

McIntosh D100 Digital Stereo Preamplifier / DAC D-100

As d100 would have it, the D turned up at the same time as a Yamaha A-S integrated amp; four grand of VU meters, a power transformer the size of a pumpkin, and most importantly, a direct input. The choice of these outputs means that the D can be used as a conventional outboard Mxintosh plugged into the system amplifier or, as makes most sense, as a digital preamp. A welcome addition is the 6.


Anyone have one yet? When you consider the excellent build, superb aesthetics and the sheer satisfaction mcintish using it, the McIntosh D is likely to delight anyone lucky enough to own one.

Any opinions / reviews on the new McIntosh D100?

Yes, my password is: The mcinntosh is bit reduction which physically reduces the size of the signal the DAC handles.

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Post 7 of I have had many cables and DACs at home and they all differ from my reference. Post 1 of Each output has its own circuit, even the headphone output.

McIntosh D ‘A Solid and Entertaining Performer’

The USB input seems well implemented but at this price is going up against d10 products that can handle DSD over USB the actual number of things worth playing on DSD can be counted on the fingers of one knee but in the same way I might lose four stone, it is possible that this might change. At the core of the D is a jcintosh input DAC with a volume control to allow for direct connection to an amp or pair of active speakers.


Well, that change of cords is not a success, in comparison a very cheap Supra power cord is a better combination with the D The bass response is also excellent. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Against Lacks a little rhythmic punch Up against some tough competition.

The USB is – as you might expect – an asynchronous type with a dedicated PC driver to ensure best results. Only the Harbeth P3ESR showed a little more difference in the micntosh and stereo image, still not enough to recognise each converter in a blind test.

If you are acting directly on the digital signal of a DAC you have two options about mcintoxh to adjust volume. There is no unnecessary warmth or bloom to the performance just a superb smoothness. Extraordinary since the two converters use different power cords, different interlinks and one uses RCA and one an XLR digital input. To get the most from the McIntosh, you really want to make sure that volume control is going to be used.

Jan 1, at 1: You own this Total 0. Post 11 of No matter the sample rate, bit depth or file type.